New blog

When you want to publish a new blog, click on the left in posts on new post. You can also go to the topbar to new and then click on post.

  • When you use a short title a name (url-name) is automatically given to your post. So you don’t have to put it in.
  • You can start writing next to the plus
  • When you want to add an image, click on the “plus” below the title to choose “image” and add your image
Title and paragraph

In the title section you put in a short title. A few words or a short sentence (see on the right)

In the paragraph you write the story. Use paragraphs so it is easier for people to read.


When posting a blog you can select a category for your post. This makes it easier for readers to go to posts they are interested in. You can make that selection on the right side.

I have already made some categories, but when you miss one, you can add it to the list by clicking on “Add New Category”.

Publish date

When you have finished several blogs you can all publish them immediately, but you can also select a date. This means that the blog is automatically published on the date and time you select. When friends start reading your blogs, they will expect you to write more. You can make a commitment with yourself to publish a blog every week.

During the week you may not have the time to write your blog so you can whenever you have time and publish the blog with the date-planner

Publishing blog

When you’r finished and want to publish click on publish in the top right corner.

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