“When you’re doing good do it wholeheartedly without a second thought.”

Earlier this year, two of my compassionate German friends came to The Gambia for the first time on vacation ( Martin & Janette)and they brought along with them two bags filled with a lot of learning materials, clothes of different sizes for kids and shoes for the kids respectively. They gave me the stuffs to share among those that needs it the most! Interestingly, I didn’t only took up the challenge to share thr stuffs myself but instead involved the two couple in sharing the stuffs among the kids; thus, they really appreciate it and couldn’t believe how huge a Gambian child appreciates a book, shirt or pair of shoes given to them.

Apparently, since they can’t come to The Gambia again this year due to corona virus outbreak and the lockdown rule imposed, they have now decided to collect the stuffs themselves from friends, family members, close associates, pharmacies and so on and will ship them to me in The Gambia and will again take up the handsome challenge to distribute among the underprivileged children in school and in the community ( Tanji).

Meanwhile, if you’re in Germany or another western country and really wants to be part of this action by collecting any usable learning materials, clothes, shoes, backpacks, toothbrushes/toothpastes, T-shirts for students, used accessories and so on; you can contact me directly and I’ll connect you with my friend ( Martin) for direct communication and arrangements!

Everyday can be sweet and appreciative to another but it might not be to someone elsewhere! So in The Gambia, we are nurtured in such a way in our homes that we love and appreciates every little thing given to us that’s why we are simply ascribed as ( The smiling coast of Africa🇬🇲❤️).

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope ❤️🇬🇲📚

We are now featured on the newspaper!

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