“When somebody is happy because of me, then I’m equally happy.” Patrick

Today, these amazing girls in Fatima and Fatoumatta each receives a bike for school and the gesture came thanks to their sponsor parent, Patrick. It has long been in his mind to provide these smart and decent girls each a bike to ease their movements from home to school everyday.

Few month ago, these two girls were both taken out shopping in the Serrekunda market just to familiarize themselves with how a simple shopping takes place- It was a lifetime expedition for them and forever it will remain in them.

Basically, bicycles are very important for our Gambian children as they are not only used for school, but even while at home when parents send them for an errand or their personal errands they can easily ride on it quickly. We also have this famous Gambian saying which says “ Riding a bicycle is better than walking” unknown

Fortunately, he ( Patrick) has since last week added onto his sponsorship list another brilliant girl in Sainabou Sanyang who is now in level three (3) and he has promised to also provide her a bike to ease her movement from home to school daily.

Virtually, on top of the bikes the pair received the pair equally received their monthly nutrition fee which is beautifully packaged in an envelope.

“When you support a girl child go to school, then you’re in turn supporting the current and upcoming generations to come.” Lamin Koopmans

In light of the above, I want to seize this opportunity in thanking the sponsor parent for the continuous kindness towards these kids welfare.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope ❤️🤩💪🇬🇲

Fatima & Fatoumatta with new bikes 🚲
Ready to rock the road 💪🤩👏

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