“When you want to do something of a worthy cause and you really know that it’s of good use, then go all out for it wholeheartedly.”

Few days ago, I was in contact with one of my compassionate Dutch friend who goes by the beautiful name Mathieu Gobbels and he told me his desire to support through my project. He is retiring and his former employer wishes to give him a THANK YOU bonus for his relentless service at work, as it takes only a hardworking and dedicated person to be rewarded by the boss; thus it’s an indication that the individual had been passively dedicated to work during active service.

Surprisingly, he donated the given bonus money to me directly to help support my educational project which I personally ascribe as “BE THE STAR OF THE NATION” And a lot of students in Tanji Lower Basic School were beneficiaries of the following learning materials each such as books, school shoes, T-shirts, uniforms, pens, pencils, erasers, two dustbins and most importantly their smiles.

Meanwhile, the day has been graced by a lot of higher dignitaries in school such as headmaster, deputy-headmistress and senior mistress in grade three (3) and other important people.

The headmaster of the school spoke at length and said, “ You’re all privileged to be part of this group and so if you’re then you should take it with great care and honesty. I’m really thankful of one of the greatest and kindhearted teacher, who has ever since shown high sense of maturity and diligence in his ways of operations and he needs commendation for his relentless efforts rendered.” he concludes.

Amie Isatou Camara said “ The joy and delight felt in my heart when you’re giving such educational material cannot be better expressed in words but i pray that God in his infinite blessings continue to guide and bless you enormously.”she concludes.

On the most serious note, I’ll like to reiterate to all the student beneficiaries that; continue on your hard work and dedication and be cognisant of the fact that it’s through your perseverance, commitment and dedication that you can make it through the journey of success.

In The Gambia, when someone does something good for you and it’s highly appreciated you say “ABARAKA” that means thank you! When I say thank you, I mean it from the bottom of my heart and it’s today clearly shown on my face. I wish you (Mathieu) know how much you’ve made my day. Literally, it’s because of his love and affection you’ve for The Gambia and my humanitarian job that you wish to donate to me.

“ Education is the fastest way in which you can use to change the world.” Thus, you’ve contributed immensely in paving the way for our future leaders.

Apparently, when needy children smile because of the good things that happen in their lives courtesy of your generosity and magnanimity shown you’ve to be proud of yourself and achievement!


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