Few years ago, 15- year-old Modou Lamin Sonko dropped out of his school in Southern Gambia, Tanji. With no literacy or numeracy skills, no vocation, and his physical disability, there would be limited opportunities available for him.

But now, things have changed. You can see how he has really progressed and developed both naturally and academically- His class teacher is Mr. Lamin Saidy and in a short conversation with him few months ago about the young chap he said, “ The first day I stumble upon him in my class I was extremely thrilled and delighted to see how a disabled young man of his calibre answers questions and equally get involve in the lesson passionately. I’m pretty optimistic that when he’s given the right support he’ll make it to the top someday and his untold story will be an inspiration for hundreds around the world.” he concludes.

“ One pen, one book, one pencil and one chalk can massively change the entire world.” Lamin Koopmans ✍️📚

When I say disability is not inability, I mean it and his story I think is a clear reason to justify my claims!

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