REACHING OUT TO THE UNDERPRIVILEGED FAMILIES…..When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.Today, I have successfully handed over a food package to an underprivileged family in Tanji Bungkiling. It all came true thanks to the sponsor parent of the disabled boy, Modou Lamin. He felt giving a chance to the boy go to school is important but it will make much complete sense when the family is included in the package. The package includes a 50kg bag of rice, 25 litres gallon of oil, bag of onions, bag of potatoes and finally their precious smile which is unchanged anytime I meet them.In this same package, the mother of the disabled boy has now been offered the opportunity to start up a small scale business. In that way, they can learn to be self sufficient and reliant in other areas of life without the intervention of another.Let’s endeavour to nurture a compassionate lifestyle and support the needy as much as possible.Sending my hearty thanks and gratitude to the sponsor!Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 💪❤️🇬🇲

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