To have a safe space to freely speak our mind and just be ourselves is a privilege that everyone of us should enjoy. It is really important to surround yourself with people that are open-minded and genuine. People who will listen to you with the intention to provide honest and constructive feedback in the extent you allow them to. A space where you can show your raw emotions and not judged.

Virtually, there are so many good people around the world and if you think you can’t join the frame in support of humanity at large, then don’t discourage those that are high doing it brilliantly. Remember, one day your journey might become a flip-flopping one and so you’ll need people to support and get you out of that odyssey. Every single act of compassion and humility is worthwhile…..

The question of the day is: Do you want to support more underprivileged children and their families during this trying times? If yes, keep in touch with and I’ll take you through the whole programme guide- In my Lamin Koopmans’s voice I’ll further punctuate by saying Bringing Back Hope to the hopeless, and a meaningful smile to the depressed.

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope 🤩❤️💪

Serving the underprivileged families with sacks of rice 🍚 🤩❤️💪

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