Few weeks ago, I was in contact with one of my friend in Germany and she asked about my orphan children in the school and how someone can help them equally. I never hesitated to put on the table what they need. Nobody chooses to be an orphan but it’s Gods making and it’s inevitable, but if a child is an orphan and have no support to be educated, then what can we do to help?

A young and compassionate guy in Germany by the name ELIAS thought it wise that it’s his birthday and would be so nice if he can ask his friends and family members to donate money, which will later be used to help give education to the orphan and needy children. Fortunately, his mind rushed to me and the money was sent to me.

Then, I thought it wise to buy learning materials and clothing for the kids such as packets of exercise books, sachets of pencils, bags, pairs of shoes, set boxes, school T-shirt holding the school emblem and so on. The joy in these kids hearts today cannot be explained but all I’ve to say is they’re happy and so thankful for your humanly support ELIAS❤️ 🇩🇪 🇬🇲
Don’t give up. Always remember that God is always with you. He will not let you to be in trouble and he will always find a way to save you.

Finally, my dream job has begun and today I handed over learning materials to a lot of pupils in Tanji Lower Basic School, most of whom are orphans and the rest are needy. Though, there are a lot of orphans and needy pupils in the school but I’ve given priority to the ones who needed it the most and everyone celebrates 😂❤️
Whatsoever you dream it, you can live it. And I always have a winning mentality not a losing mentality.
The journey has begun and can’t be stopped ✋❤️
On that note, I’m sending my sincere thanks and gratitude to Elias for having such a great and compassionate heart to bless the underprivileged children of my school. Also not forgetting all those that donated to his cause as without their support it may not have happened in this way. Together we can build a strong relationship ✊✊✊

Who else wants to emulate Elias in donating for the welfare of the orphan children of my school or a needy family?

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