The above statement speaks for itself. And today on the 6th November, 2020, I successfully handed over two boxes filled with medical stuffs to Tanji Community Health Centre. The stuffs in the boxes were donated by Goederen Voor Gambia Zeeland through a compassionate Dutch lady friend who goes by the name, Miranda!

In the absence of health nothing can advisedly take place in life. Thus, investing in both health and education is key and all worthy citizens should at least endeavour to contribute their quarter in the aforementioned life necessities.

The truth is, the aforementioned health centre shown in the pictures below is the only commercial health service provider in the community of Tanji. And the rest are private owned entity or individuals, where health care system apparently seems expensive for the poor inhabitants. So, if we can put hands-on-desks to help our very own property ( Health Centre) that will be a rocket-boaster for us entirely.

Henceforth, I will be entirely loyal and focused to supporting the health centre in our community and I believe that will serve as a yardstick in encouraging other champion breakers to emulate.

Therefore, I’m encouraging all our sympathisers and my keen followers who have the ability to create linkage between me with pharmacies or hospitals in any part of the world that will love and appreciate a linkage to help boost the morale of my community’s health centre.

On that note, I wish to seize this opportunity to thank the aforementioned foundation for the tireless support they’ve rendered through me to the health centre.

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