“ The fastest and simplest way in which you can use to change the world is through education.” Thus, as a committed young teacher who wishes to see the progress of my beloved motherland, The Gambia, I have asked myself on several occasions as to what I can do for my country that will benefit the present and future. The simple and clear answer that came back to my mind was empowering kids and education as they are the present and future! Ultimately, I have renewed my sponsorship package for this year again, as of last year it was just the beginning but consequently I succeeded in securing sponsorship package for (8) eight underprivileged school going children in Tanji Lower Basic School.

Apparently, as of this year I’ve renewed my package with a new dimension and hope for more glory. As it stands, I’ve succeeded in securing in total now (18) eighteen sponsorship package for underprivileged children in my school, that is, some of them are sponsored directly by my keen followers or friends and other I support them personally with uniforms, books, pens, pencils, shoes and school T-shirt respectively.

The sponsorship package goes like this, the sponsor sends the (wished-donation) directly to me and from that funds I was able to provide a uniform, school bag, two pair of shoes, textbooks ( reading), exercise books, report book, school T-shirt and should there be any remaining part of the donation then it will be used either on the child’s nutrition while in school or in case of health complications for treatment.

In a nutshell, the simple analysis tells you that my sponsorship package is growing by day, weekly and even annually by a larger number. Remember, if you support an underprivileged child who came from a very poor marginalized family go to school and one day or the other that child completes school with a clear distinction scores, then he/she secured a highly profile and respectable job. They can as well go on to support other needy children go to school just as they were supported previously by a compassionate person. My famous saying to all the lucky kids under my program is, “ Always remember to put it forward when you get there one day.” In that way they know and understand how it feels when you help or you’re helped.

Notwithstanding, some of the children who are not in my program but are also exceptionally intelligent I’ve a package for them which I personally call “ Each One With A Book And Pencil” in this package I give them each a book and pencil to encourage them to keep the rollercoaster moving and never relent by looking back!

Finally, I will like to urge all that are reading my post that, we should endeavor to at least deep into your pocket or wallet to share every single coin with those in need. You can never tell what change it will bring to a child’s life.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child in my school under my sponsorship package please send me a pm and will give you all the necessary details needed. Also feel free to ask as many questions as possible just to clear your doubts. Please sharing this post will also help give my project more crystal recognition across the globe!

NOTE: If you want to sponsorship more than one child it’s all possible!

We are stronger together. The challenges are tough but we can overcome them all one by one!

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