I once asked a very successful man to share his secret with me. He smiles and said to me..
“I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters.

I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me…
I stopped fighting with my in laws…
I stopped fighting for attention…

I stopped fighting to meet peoples expectation of me…
I stopped fighting for my rights with inconsiderate people..
I stopped fighting to please everyone…
I stopped fighting to prove they were wrong about me..
I stopped fighting those who wants to distract me from my goals, dreams and ambitions….

I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight… And I started fighting for
my vision,
my dreams,
my ideas and
my destiny.

The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming successful and so much more content of what I’ve already!
Some fights are not worth your time, as they will only distract from your normal flows.
Choose what you fight for wisely.

I’m a people-person and thus everyone is my friend provided that they love and respect my integrity!

Gambian Saying: If you know you know!

Slogan: Bringing Back Hope ✊💪🇬🇲❤️

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