Young girls in my area Tanji Sancheba started a small footballing club and goes by the name LAMIN’S FC which means Lamin’s football club. Currently, they’re only of 8 players including the goalkeeper but with time we’re hoping to increase the number.

I’m therefore requesting for sponsor of any footballing equipments like jerseys, boots, shocks, balls, trainers ( warmers) just to name a few. These young girls have seen me as a true leader who can inspire them in achieving their dreams. Most of them are school going pupils in my school of taught and knows very well who I’m and what I’m capable of doing when it comes to grass-root recruitment.

I want them to realize their individual talents. As in life we’ve to understand that not everyone can be an educationist or intellectual but instead others have to exploit other fields of discipline to show to the world what they can offer; thus, these girls are ready to kick it going and it’s surely going to be a massive success!

In this respect, I’m really requesting for support of any kind.

You can contact me on; Email:momodoulamin5000@gmail.com WhatsApp:+2203294868 Facebook:Lamin Koopmans

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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