The future of each country lies solely in their hands.
So as responsible parents and leaders, these innocent kids need our help in order to grow up pursuing their dreams.

How do they achieve their individual dreams, is by giving them the maximum support and encouragement at all means possible.

Remember, if you’ve contributed in a child’s life in one way or the other and he or she becomes successful in the aftermath, they’ll never forget you. The only hero you’ll be for them and a lacuna would be left for you in their hearts to be filled. So, remember to help the needy and underprivileged even though you’ve very little to share with others but sacrifice at least a token from your little income.

Everyday I go to school I must have some token in my pocket to use and buy food during break hours, but my heart couldn’t bear it seeing very innocent and poor kids not coming to school with money for food, which means I’ve to sacrifice the little I’ve with them in order to sustain them for the rest of the day.

You’ll never have enough of what you want, so as you continue looking for it and never want to share. The rich will yearn to get more of it, build masons, buy expensive cars, purchase latest and expensive phones and a lot more in their wishlist while the poor continue looking for a daily bread which is always unsatisfactory for them. So never let money be a barrier between you and compassion.

Nobody has ever become poor for giving to the poor and underprivileged.
Nurture a hand that brings smiles to the children of the world and you’ll be handsomely and abundantly blessed eternally for being a champion for change.

Make compassion and humility your way of life and expect to live a fulfilling life forever!

Slogan: Bringing Back Hopes!

Lamin Koopmans❤️🇬🇲💪

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