“Education is learning a lot about how little you know”
Meaning: This is a paradox. “The more you know, the more you will know how little you know” (unknown ). What we call education is nothing but a journey of finding out how little we know. Thus, we are at the height of our education when we discover the depth of our ignorance. Education is not the accumulation of knowledge. That is schooling. It is not a coincidence that a large number of fish or aquatic animals of one kind swimming together is called school. Schooling is simply the acquisition or accumulation of knowledge. You can be schooled without knowing yourself, but you cannot be educated without knowing yourself. This is because self-awareness is at the heart of true education. From this explanation, it’s safe to say that one can be schooled and have many degrees and doctorates and still be uneducated. There is no new knowledge, we only discover what we don’t know. The first step towards education is to admit that we don’t know. The second step is to be open to learn. The third is to let go of what is not true. Don’t be complacent! Be educated.

I will give a classic example on this; you can use a pen and a white paper and write on, it can be visible and readable. But you can’t use a black paper and pen to write, it can’t be readable nor seen! So this is a clear manifestation that education changes the game, so let be educated and educate our youngsters!

One pen, one pencil, one book and one chalk can massively change the entire world!

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  1. In the process of the play, the team members encounter roadblocks and barriers that typically prevent school improvement and can try a range of strategies for promoting positive changes in schools. Rather than simply telling or training educators about the activities that research shows promote change in schools, this game lets educators actually try out change strategies in a risk-free setting. Results are enlightening and fun.

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