Never forget what you’re working for in life. A single smile on the face of child is worthwhile!
Every single day in your life is precious, so utilize it wisely. And in so doing, I want to use my precious time in my life impacting lives that will be a great generational change for many now & after!

Every individual sees life in a different perspective. Thus, you can opt to follow the path you think will move perfectly with your intuition.

Make education your priority and walk through the kingdom of knowledge with humility. Knowledge is a great joy, so let’s pursue it with great passion.
Knowledge reduces and ends poverty, so investing into knowledge is extensively priceless!

In my educational project, I want to be in the forefront trying to help more vulnerable children in school in many areas that benefits them meaningfully!

In the picture highlighted below was backpacks 🎒 being distributed to the underprivileged children most of whom are orphans and are not well taken care of by their guardians at home! The backpacks were a donation from a school in the UK called Irham & Cadishead Academy and it was so timely. The truth is most of these kids previously were coming to school loading their books and pencils in a plastic bag of which most of their fellows laughs at them for ( discrimination).

Exactly, a year a now when I came to the school ( alma mater) full of spirit and passion to engineer a certain degree of change. I realized the tears and sad moments in the faces of so many vulnerable children, as they feel deprived from accessing standard and recognized education. I stood firm to wipe up their tears bringing back their ever glittering smile they possess. And today, most of the students I’ve supported through the timely intervention of my compassionate friends are performing extremely well academically in class. What pleases me the most on what I’ve achieved with them is not necessarily being the coordinator but that I’m starting to impact a change, a change that will thereafter bring a face to The Gambia that we all have been yearning to see, a change that is moulding a future for our beloved Gambia. So I’m overwhelmingly proud!

I will not stop because I’m tired but because I’m done and a mission accomplished. And how long it will take me, I don’t care but what matters is to be accomplished!

Slogan: Bringing Back Hopes ❤️🇬🇲✊

Distributing backpacks to the underprivileged children!
A beneficiary of a backpack 🎒
Some of the beneficiaries of the backpacks 🎒

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