It is imperative for the pupils to be well informed as to what affects their educational progress and how they can collectively combat against it. In trying to create an odyssey journey for the pupils ( boys & girls)we should endeavour to create eventual podiums to enable children showcase their individual talents.

Remember, every child is born an artist but the obstacle now lies at how they continue to be a professional artist once they grow up!

Every teacher is a parent and, thus; are working tirelessly in making sure that education in The Gambia is featured in the limelight!

“ One pen, one pencil, one book and one chalk can massively change the entire world.”

“ I choose to be a teacher mostly because I feel I can strongly collaborate and contribute to a better world.”

An investment into education yields the best interest ever 📚 🖊 ✏️ ❤️🇬🇲

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