“Water is life and it’s blessings are unstoppable.”
Few weeks ago, a fundraiser was started by my dad Arjan Koopmans to help run my water project at home to help provide clean drinking water for my family and neighbours. And so today, the water project has successfully being completed and both my neighbours and family are having easy access to clean drinking water!

The truth of the matter is; for years now I’ve been wondering as to how I can be able to provide clean drinking water for both my family and neighbours. As when I was young growing up my mother use to tell me “ Whatsoever you wish for yourself, wish the same for others” and so I still go by the words of my best teacher ( mother).

The storyline today is; THE WATER PROJECT FOR Lamin Koopmans’s HOME HAS SUCCESSFULLY BEEN COMPLETED! This story will only be able to carry more weight when I wholeheartedly open my heart to thank all my friends and friends of friends who have voluntarily dipped into their pockets to give out something as donation, also not forgetting all those who shared the fundraiser link and those that have in mind to help but couldn’t; I’m vehemently thanking you all for your kind generosity! As a day like today wouldn’t have been possible without your kindness.

The joy in my heart, the smile I posses, the big firm fist I execute, the soldier salute I execute and the smiles from my neighbours cannot be better expressed here!

“Seeing is believing and I will provide everything you’ll need to see impact of your generosity, as it emanates from the smiles of the people you have helped.”

In this light; I will like to seize this opportunity to once again thank you all for the kind generosity of helping this project.

Stay blessed, stay strong and enjoy the fulfilment!

Motto: Bringing Back Hopes ✊💪❤️🇬🇲

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