Thus, there are still countless children in our community who trek long distance to get to school.

Because of this, some students tend to experience fatigue, lateness and more worryingly loss of vital contact hours needed in an academic year.

This is why the sponsor of this enthusiastic boy in Modou Lamin Sonko deemed it necessary to provide him with a bicycle. And the good news is; after he got the bicycle to ride from Salanding to Santa-suu where the school is located, he got totally relieved and performs extremely well in class!

Meanwhile, I still feel if more children are given the same opportunity as he have, we can be assure to see more positive result in the upcoming exams. In few weeks to come, another girl child will be a beneficiary of a bicycle for school come next academic semester.

So, are you out there watching and feel you can bring back hopes to the hopeless with a bicycle or do you know an organization that can support with bicycles for our children? Please do not hesitate to contact me asap!

Modou has a bicycle 🚲

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