Apparently, I inspire to aspire to bring forth change. The pupils are my ultimate anchor in trying to make sure they see the true and real light of tomorrow.

In so doing,the pupils should be given the rightful opportunity and a platform to explore their minds and hearts. Thus, it will certainly help them follow the rightful path to their success.

They have to be cognizant of the fact that; hard work, commitment and zeal is the only way pave out a success story. A story that every living soul will love to roll his/her on without a blink on the eye.

Do not read hastily but in a slower motion to at least have something yummy to swallow, as swallowing something becomes harder when it’s bitter!

Motto: One pen, one pencil, one book and one chalk can massively change the entire world.

✍️❤️🇬🇲 📚

These needy pupils are beneficiaries of exercise books donated by Simone 🇳🇱❤️

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