Clean drinking water is something that we mostly take for granted, but knowing full how important it is to ones life we shouldn’t take it for granted.

For sometime now we’ve had a great problem in having clean drinking water in my home. Thus, I’ve a local water well established last year and both my family and neighbours come by to fetch water to drink or do other home chores.

Recently, we’ve had a great problem with it as the well gets dry and we can’t have access to clean drinking water. So my plan is to drill the water to go much deeper to reach to the normal water well, and with this I need funding ( money) for it. The system will be powered by electricity supply and I’ll have taps in my home and another in the street for my neighbours and passerby’s to use. What is essential!

I hope you’ll help me reach my goals by supporting a bit to this worthy project and you’ll be blessed eternally!

Would you like to donate, please click the link below and donate from your heart. It’s my personal project and I need your humanly support. Make compassion and humility your way of life and live a blissful life!

Caring is Sharing and I need your help ❤️🙏✊

Thank you in advance!

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