This is Bintou Colley a pupil in my class. She is an orphan and lives in Tanji village.

Few weeks ago, I posted a picture of her requesting a sponsor for her a luckily another compassionate friend of mine who has closely being following my development, pop up and want to help her realize her dreams. Speaking from my heart, honestly sponsoring such a child is not a regret and my reasons are as follows;

  1. She’s an orphan and needs help. 2. She’s exceptionally intelligent and when helped she can go as far to help others when she becomes a successful individual in the future. Every school going child I successfully succeeded in securing a sponsorship I’ve my famous saying for them and it goes, “Always remember to put it forward” which simply implies, they should always remember to put it forward by helping others when they successfully completes their education and secured a lucrative job. The learning materials she got were; a school bag, textbooks for all subjects, packets of exercise books, a packet of pencils, eraser, two pairs of shoes and most importantly her smile 😃
    Who else wants to make another underprivileged or orphan child like Bintou smile? If you’re interested then kindly contact me and I’ll tell you what to do!!
    Dank je vel, Gracias, Abaraka and a Merci to the sponsor!!
    Lamin Koopmans📚❤️🖊
Bintou Colley Sponsored ❤️🇬🇲🖊

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