As this morning I woke up from bed and open my facebook and my life-boaster quote of the day said, “ Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you’ll experience in your life.”

Things go one way and the other way round quite often in life. During my school days,I’ve never thought of becoming a teacher who will turn put so much enthusiasm and influence in the life of children he associates with on a daily basis!
But the truth is, I’ve longed being dreaming of helping people when I was a child and today the dream came undoubtedly true!

What the teachers and parents will never tell you about the “dream come true” is how hard you’ve to work in order to get there. And how much they will begin to challenge you once you begin making them happen.

Do what makes you happy even though you’ll along the way have others trying to pull your legs back, it’s called challenges in walking towards a dream. They unanimously walk side by side. So, if you’re afraid of having challenges in the run towards your dream, then don’t go there!!

It’s a story of a life-time ❤️✊🇬🇲

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