Teaching & learning aids are instrumental in the implementation of a lesson.
They make the lesson more interactive and child centered. But how will it feel being in a classroom as a teacher ( facilitator), when you’ve little or nor teaching and learning aids to facilitate your lesson?
Tanji Lower Basic School is a very big school with close to two thousand pupils acquiring knowledge from there and a total staff of (54) Fifty-Four!

The main constrains in the school are; teaching and learning aids( multiplication charts, posters, stencils, abacus or abacuses, exercise books, reading books) and other learning necessities.
We’ll be widely open to any kind of support being rendered to us.Remember something you term not useful in your house or school might be at another’s, so do not feel ashamed to ask me!

Just as the saying goes “ Don’t buy me a fish but instead buy me a net and show me how to fish” in that case I can learn how to be self-sufficient and acquaintance.

“ Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make a man a more clever devil.”

My slogan goes “ One Pen, One Book, One Pencil and One Chalk can drastically change the entire world!

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