This Modou Lamin Sonko and he’s 15 years old. He lives in Tanji Lamsarr and attending Tanji Lower Basic School.

Three years ago, he was going to Tanji Lower Basic School as a normal person walking without crutches or a wheelchair. He felt seriously ill that very year and couldn’t continue coming to school.

Surprisingly, years later I saw him coming back to school sitting in a wheelchair. A very sound minded young youth who’s attending the university of The Gambia and of course a neighbour does have a conversation with the boy and he told him he wants to come back to school in order to continue pursuing his dreams in life.

The most shocking part of his life is; both parents are poor and can’t continue supporting him. Currently, he started coming to school and colleagues in his area help in bringing him to school every day.

So on that note, I thought it very wise to say his story and see if someone so compassionate and generous out there would be so kind to give him and the family a helping hand.
“ Sometimes in life one has to think on the other end and help someone who’s badly in need “. So helping someone in a wheelchair to continue pursuing his educational dreams is a lifesaving endeavour.

Who wants to help Modou Lamin Sonko?

Modou Lamin Sonko ❤️

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