“ATAYA” is very popular in The Gambia. It is a daily ritual that gathers most of the time family,community and colleagues.It is especially waited on after lunch, dinner or morning.It is a magical moment which gives priority to discuss issues affecting us in our daily life’s, share thoughts, sometimes meet friends or relatives after an extended separation.
It possesses some rules and it’s taste is singular according to the person who cooks it.

The service usually follows a logical ordering of 3 cups or glasses well measured; The first one is quite bitter,then the second one can be less hard and the last is so soft and very sweet so much so that even kids can use it.

It’s cooking and tasting can take few hours. Sometimes only cooling and producing foam can take up to (5) minutes intervals but it depends on the one cooking it, some can be as slow as I’m here and others can be among the Fat-Fat group.

Meanwhile, when you’re in The Gambia be sure or remember to ask for Lanin’s “Attaya”, I’ll rest assure you that when you take it once you’ll always want to do so over and over while in The Gambia.
If you have once tasted this famous green tea.
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