Meet Kaddijatou Ndow a 14 year old girl in Tanji Lower Basic School. She is cognizant of the fact that hard work and commitment pays off and the only way way out!

Despite, coming from a depriving family she never let that be an obstacle to her educational dreams.

One thing I personally like about her is, she’s intelligent, calm, decent and most importantly respectful to all regardless of your tribe, race or whatsoever religion you follow!

She was the first student of mine whose condition in class really touched my heart to an extent I want to support her. But just as the saying always goes “ Do good and good will follow you”. A good friend ( sister) decided to help her pursue her educational dreams by supporting her.

She was once asked what she’d like to be when she completes school and she said “ My main aim is to become a midwife nurse and then change my family’s poor condition,” she concludes. And the teacher laments “ As long as there is a will, then there will surely be a way. If you want to be anything in life, you can be it if you really mean it,” he concludes.

Let’s create the proper avenue for the girl child in order to well explore their minds!!

Teach me, I teach someone. Inspire me, to inspire another. Show me, and the world celebrates 🇬🇲💪❤️

Lamin Koopmans❤️🇬🇲✊

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