Sharing every little you’ve with others who have not is Godly.Remember a thing you take to be too small to give out to another, is arguably more than the word appreciated in The Gambia.

In fact in The Gambia we share every little we have with our friends, families, colleagues, neighbors and the list goes on. We have developed an attitude of giving and will surely continue in such a trend.

In our societal settings, we tend to believe that he who gives more quite often receives more in blessings for today and the future!

Nurture a giving heart to become as beautiful to me as my giving friend. Make compassion and humility your way of life to be a champ in the world !
And from here on, I send my heartfelt greetings to all those with a giving heart and mind to keep up the momentum, and to those who have never done it before due to reasons best known to them; Lamin Koopmans is saying open your heart and develop giving phalanges as it’s never too late!

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