Good morning world!
It’s Friday and time for beautiful, colourful khaftans and flowing gowns.

When you come to The Gambia, don’t miss the opportunity to have your own African traditional dress made by Gambian skilled tailors.

You can choose your style and favourite colors and wear it on Fridays, different ceremonies and festivals or just any day you choose to. Nice dresses and a combination of two-piece dresses with jeans, trousers or different tops are really great way to take a small part of a Gambian culture with you and apply it into your daily life when you are back home. By doing that you will support local business in The Gambia as well.

There is a wide choice of fabrics at local markets and you can find tailors almost at every corner. For an easy journey and less struggle, we recommend that you take your local guide with you. They know the best shops and tailors.

Photo: Travel as a Volunteer – West Africa

Simply Gambian 🇬🇲❤️🥰

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