Clean drinking water is something that we mostly take for granted, but knowing-fully how essential it is to ones life.

As little as €400-500 Euros you can provide clean drinking water for an entire community. This means that;

Reduce hunger and starvation by providing food security.

Improve health through reduced sickness. People suffering from water related ailments will be safe.

Improve a community or household. Each day, people walk kilometers in search of clean drinking water and other home chores.

Together we can bring relief for people living in hamlets and villages within The Gambia. Sponsor our β€œ Build a well” project to give life. Clean and safe water should not be a privilege for one but it is a basic necessity in life.

So, help us provide clean water for the needy in The Gambia.

For more details contact me on the following:


WhatsApp: +220 3294686

Instagram: Lamin Colley

Facebook: Lamin Koopmans

Thank you in advance !!

A water well sponsored in Tanji
A signboard for the donor!!
A sponsored well in Tanji

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