Helping someone in need is worthwhile and life-saving.
My name is Lamin a young and enthusiastic teacher teaching in Tanji Lower Basic School, The Gambia. I help numerous children in school and some other needy and less privileged families within community.

During my short time social work in the community and school, I came across and exceptionally intelligent girl in my class in the name of Kaddijatou Ndow. She performs extremely well in class but most of the times she’s absent in school, then I invited her for a short interview and ask why she’s mostly absent in class and she said β€œ My father is visually impaired and cannot go to work and there are so many siblings at home to take care. My mother goes out looking for something to bring home for us to eat, so mostly when she’s out I stay at home and not come to school. I love coming to school but there is a reason why I stay away.” she concludes.

Personally, I paid the family a special visit to see if what she told me was the right thing or not, but when I arrived there I was really shocked and wished I could help immediately.
Few days later, I personally started helping Kaddy in her educational needs through my little salary.

Furthermore, I felt if I want to support her and the family from my little salary it may not help me too, then I made a post about her with a picture attached on facebook seeking for support. Few minutes later, a very kindhearted sister of mine showed willingness of wanting to support her and the family from time to time. She sent money over to me to provide all that she needs, I took her to the market to provide her schools shoes, bag, books, school T-shirt and other basic learning necessities. She also supports the family with food and other basic needs. The friend of mine ( sister ) who supports them lives in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿! But since she’s also a family head and has so many responsibilities on her shoulders, I felt she need some relief.

Moreover, since she’s part of this needy family I want to look for a way to help them grow and become self-sustain in food and other needs. The idea is; I want to start up a small-scale business for them as since we live in a coastal village ( Tanji ) I want to provide the mother a refrigerator ( fridge) and a start up income to buy fish to sell.
How does the business grow and get food to eat?

Everyday when she make sales, she will have to realize how much has been spent to buy fish and sold. Then, the profit will be saved halfway and the rest for food for the next day and this is self-sustainability for them!!
Do you want to help this family move from dust to shine, then donate to help them shine. Remember, every little bit helps and sharing is caring!!

The needy family!
The father and the children!
My exceptionally intelligent student, Kaddijatou Ndow!

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