Today I paid a special visit to the sponsored girl Kaddijatou Ndow.
The purpose of the visit was just to relay a very important information to the family which is; she has secured a sponsor in order to continue pursuing her educational dreams.
It was so shocking after arriving at there home and seeing the type of house they live in and how remote it was, at night no one dare to go out because it’s too dangerous outside. She’s really worth the support. The special support is within educational domain of which I’ll be able to buy books, uniforms, a bag, textbooks, set box,pairs of shoes and most importantly a bag of rice for the entire family. Isn’t this a life saving support?
Who else wants to support such family in both education and food?

Kaddijatou and the family πŸ‘ͺ
The kitchen were their meals are prepared daily!
The comound yard or premises!
The mango shed in the compound!


  1. Beautiful Lamin, you deserve with all the work you do, congratulations well done! Hopefully my name will be up there soon!
    Regards Lindsay

    1. Wow Lindsay, i must confess I’m truly overwhelmed by your words and willingness to help. I look forward to meeting you in The Gambia πŸ‡¬πŸ‡²

  2. It is always a time to rejoice; a child is being sponsored for education. That family is changed forever.

    1. Susan(hero) your type of a person are what the world currently needs inoder to move from dust to shine. Education is very important and every child needs it…..

  3. Very sad situation

    1. Oh very well my dear friend….

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