A briefly story about River Gambia and it’s importance.

The River Gambia is a major river in West Africa running from its main source in the highlands of Fouta Djallon in north Guinea through Senegal and then the Gambia to Atlantic Ocean at 1,120km.
The river is strongly associated with Gambia the smallest country in mainland of Africa, and it’s major tributaries are the Sandougou and the and the Sofaniama Bolong. The dividing and reuniting of the river channels has created several islands along the river middle course, the biggest are MacCarthy island and the Elephant island these are the two largest islands in River Gambia.

The history has revealed that because of river Gambia that European explorers were able to penetrates West Africa, and the first Europeans to arrived were the Portuguese explorers followed by severals other European explorers including Richard Jobson and Mungo Park and they were British explorers. Between 1580 to 1623 Richard Jobson has arrived in Gambia, he first traveled through the River Gambia until he reached to the east of the country where he decided to draw his map.

The River Gambia is the main source of irrigation for communities in the rural Gambia, by allowing and enchancing food production (rice) in the villages and towns in the rural areas. There are certain time of the year, especially Central River Region and the Upper River Region are able to inundated with river water, during this period farmers make best use of the river to embark themselves on mass irrigation farming.

Fishing is also another important activity in Gambia and it’s a source of employment for people whose are living in the river site towns and villages, and being an early occupation for many rural communities whose are residing along river areas. The fishermen have the vitality and abundance of fish and a strategic landing sites that sprung up along the River Gambia.

The River Gambia is an effective transport system from Banjul to Basse. The river transportion was the most popular choice for commercial activities along with some towns and villages, the introductions of roads that has been declined the river transportation. But was believed that because of thriving the nature of river transportations that led many towns and villages situated along the River Gambia.

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