My name is Momodou Lamin Colley. I was born on December 13, 1994 in a small coastal fishing village called Tanji, The Gambia. It is one of the biggest and busiest fishing centre in my country. I live in Tanji with my mother who is Mai Sarjo and my father passed away when I was only seven and he was called Essa Colley.

I started schooling when I was four years in Tanji Child Centre. After three years of kindergarten I joined Tanji Lower Basic School, and after six years of elementary school I completed and therein proceeded to Brufut Upper Basic School. Thereafter completion I joined St.Vincent Senior Secondary School in Brikama were I spent three consecutive years.

In 2012, I joined The Gambia College School of Education and I pursued a course called PTC meaning primary teacher’s certificate in a three years extension programme. After three years of extensive studies and hardship, I completed by a higher margin with a distinction in November, 2015. I was then posted to Kanuma Basic Cycle School and spent three consecutive years as a qualified teacher.

While my mother was getting old due to the hard labour of the tireless African mothers, I deemed it necessary getting married to ease the burden and hardship on her. On the 22 April 2019, I got married to my delectable beautiful wife Matida Janneh. It was a very colorful wedding were some of my European friends from the Netherlands travelled all the way just to grace the occasion, it’s unforgettable. Every young man does always wish to have a caring and intelligent lady whose frequency flows alongside yours perfectly to be called a wife, and so hers matched mine so well and I chosed her without a second thought. My fellow teachers, colleagues, friends, family members and friends of friends all came across the country just witness the ceremony.

Last year, I met a very generous and kindhearted Dutch man who goes by the name Arjan Koopmans who I befriended on facebook, we talked for days and he instantly saw some potentials in me of which he thought he can help me exploit and make them reality. He came to The Gambia few weeks later and met me personally, we had a cup of coffee together and talked for hours. He asked what I’m doing for a living and I told him, I’m a teacher and I teach in Kanuma Basic Cycle School, Foni. He has the desire to possibly help me realize my dreams, so he helped me change schools from Kanuma BCS to Tanji LBS my alma mater and this was the best ever day in my lifetime as I’ll be finally home and teaching my homegrown students.

Growing up as a young man with one of your parent ( father) death and mother not having professon or employed to help you pursue your dreams in life, is the hardest thing such child could ever encounter. As student I’ve always dreamed of one day becoming either a doctor or journalist, but I was unfortunately born and raised from a poor family that couldn’t help me realize my dreams in life. I’ve burned the midnight candle reading my books just to pass my tests/exams and therein reduce the burden on my poor hardworking mother ( Mai Sarjo). When I moved to the junior school tuition fees were very high for my poor mother to pay, I moved from pilar to post looking for sponsorship but nothing was possible for me. I cried every evening screaming and hoping for a fortunate to befall us but nothing was possible for us.

My favorite sports are football and athletics. When I’ve nothing to do at home or school, I go to the playground to play with my friends. I love to surf the net, open my e-mail account on facebook, Skype and Instagram.

I can play some musical instruments like guitar, keyboards and Djembe drumming and dancing.

I love reading inspirational and motivational books like the ultimate way to success and the right route to take in life.

Life without God is nothing. And also to a family without fear, love and peace. There is a young boy who admires at me since last year. Lately, I started wondering if what he said he really mean it but he keeps proving me wrong with his words and actions. According to him he was really inspired by the work I do in school and within the community and he said to me ” I don’t admire you simply because of your good look, good structural formation, your orating qualities or intelligence but I admire you due to your big heart and your desire and passion to help both the needy students and families, so you’re my hero” he concludes.

Everyone want to do something to help but nobody wants to be the first to help. So do you want to be the first to help Momodou Lamin Colley realize his dreams ? Contact me on the following;

Email :

WhatsApp : +220 3294868

Facebook : Lamin Koopmans

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lamin and mother ( hero)….
Lamin in school ( Teacher).
Lamin supporting in the community.
Lamin and Elisabeth from Belgium 🇧🇪
Lamin and Rene Koopmans
Lamin and Ulrika in school
Lamin, Jan & Leo 🇳🇱
Two very nice people met in my school and became friends ❤
On a very beautiful Friday Martin Muller and Janette visited my school and passed on a lot of stuffs for the kids.
Lamin and Pim Netherlands
Lamin, Alaina and Frans 🇬🇧
Mori, Helene and Robert 🇸🇪
Stephanie and Lamin 🇳🇱
Lamin and Nancy 🇩🇪
Lamin with Thomas and girlfriend 🇩🇪
Lamin, Arjan and Jan ❤
I got married to Matida Janneh and in attendance were Arjan and Thea 🇳🇱
Lamin and Christine visits former school 🇬🇲 🇩🇪
Headmaster and pupils of Tanji LBS
Lamin and mother ❤
The resson of my journey. He is the first friend I ever met in The Gambia Rinke ❤🇳🇱

25 Comments to “MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY”

  1. Thank you Lamin!
    I had to go into your website. The Whatsapp link did not open, grr!
    May be my end, may be yours, no idea!
    Anyway….. this is a great autobiography, young man!
    Usually people like me should be doing that!😂

    I feel honoured you sent it to me! Today!
    And of course, I do understand everything!
    Keep writing BLOGS! ?
    Lots of love!

    1. Another inspirational figure you’re and I’m truly honored for all you do.
      Keep on inspiring me and I’ll continue doing more for myself and people. Learning to become a professional blogger for Tanji!

  2. Keep it up, never give up ! I believe in your force and I know God will help you

    1. Hats off Christine! You’re a genius with a big heart for all and I’ve so much respect and admiration for you….

  3. Proud on you son. On what you have achieved, and will achieve more. For yourself and to serve others. I have not met any other Gambian man with this great mindset and actions.

    1. I truly proud of you dad, as without you I wouldn’t have reached this level of great excellence. Words might not be enough to show how much you mean to me but honestly I worth you so much ❤️

  4. Lamin , you are an amazing man, a wonderful teacher and an incredible inspiration to your students and colleagues . I am eternally grateful to have met you and shared attaya with you. You were are superb host and we are looking forward to visiting you again in the near future. Thank you for your friendship

    1. Hey Frans, you’re an incredible person with a big heart. It was such a nice and unforgettable with you in The Gambia (Tanji) and that attaya goes a long way haha. Looking forward to meeting you again soon!

  5. Was a intesting read ..this virus going around every country in the world…. Makes this the wrong time to be asking for help as we are all under lockdown and nothing is open. When this is all over and if i get though it i will think about helping and being the first if no one has come forward before me.

    1. Truly honored to have met a honest and kindhearted truths like you Tracy. Keep it up!

    2. Hello my dear friend Lamin,
      Pleasure to know each other starting from december 2017 at Senegambia Beach Hotel and at different places afterwards like Kololi ( 2018 ) and Byilo. (2020)
      I am impressed by the achievements and the progress at Tanji Lower Primary School. Most appreciated your company and talks we had at different places during my holidays at the Gambia..

      1. Dear Rinke,
        I must say I’m more than the word happy to have you in my life. I remember the first day we met at Senegambia Beach Hotel as strangers, it was like we knew for long years ago. You’re such a genuine and kindhearted friend. And the fact is, Tanji Lower Basic School is my home and i love it here….

    3. Dear Tracy, I’m realky delighted for your nice and overwhelming words you’ve shared. I hope and pray that the virus goes away so soon. I will be so delighted for any kind of support coming from a generous friend like you in support for my help projects….

  6. Lamin, I really enjoyed reading your Autobiography,
    ,it was an inspiration.
    Having met you twice at your compound I know full well
    all the good work you do for your community,
    I plan to visit again in November,God willing,& will again
    be pleased to offer some financial support.

    Very best regards. Mike.

    1. Dear Mike,
      After meeting you twice in The Gambia originally in my resident (home), that alone has filled the love and brotherhood that exist between us. I just can’t wait to meet you in November again. Be pleased for any financial support kind regards…Lamin

  7. Sharing is caring.. we both know the meaning of that..
    Lamin, your motivation to make this world a better place, is what I’ve wittnessed while visiting you last January..
    Partnership is on it’s way now.. Strong together..

    1. Dear Elisabeth,
      Having met you already in The Gambia and we have roamed the beautifil Gambia occasionally. Caring is sharing and you’ve started that journey. We will achieve those dreams together sister❤

  8. It’s a great pleasure to have met you through my social media sites and I believe we met for a reason please feel free to use my Facebook page to advertise your dreams and hopefully someone is watching I know we all struggling regarding money but the love we have between us all will carry us through and we will grow every day keep praying and stay blessed and it’s an honour to call you my friend ll my love Julie Stoddern

    1. Dear Julie,
      With my deepest joy and honor to have you as my friend. Your Facebook site is almost free for all and you’re indeed a Samaritan….

  9. Keep up the good work and make youre dreams always come true!

    1. Dear friend, I’m so happy for you and our friendship. I will continue working going towards achieving my goals in the near future…..

  10. Lamin,(my Son) profile is very special and I admire the effort you have put into it! You a very special friend and will definitely be there to support you when we have planes in the air and a lot of our discussions will come to fruition and that will make me so very happy!
    Regards from your Dad!

    1. Lindsay(dad) I’m so very happy for your courageous words. People like you are what the world really need inordee to be back on it’s feet firm. I hope the planes will soon start operation and then the hero will land in The Gambia any moment. Once again, thank you for your great words…..

  11. Your photos are so lovely! I hope I can be of help to you someday!

    1. Wow, thank you so much honey for liking my blogs and stories. Well, it would be so nice if you can possibly help in any way possible. Regards

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