With regards to the above caption, I hereby write to seek for your partnership in helping me on my school base help projects and community. My name is Momodou Lamin Colley a Gambian by nationality and a teacher by profession. I teach kids in level three and so most of them are underprivileged. After completing my senior secondary school education, I joined The Gambia College School of Education in 2012 and pursued the pursued the teaching course called ( PTC) meaning the primary teachers certificate for three consecutive years. In 2015, I completed successfully and was posted to a provincial school in The Gambia called Kanuma Basic Cycle School for 6 years. Last year I thought it wise to come back home ( Tanji) and help teach the kids of were I began my career as a person and now as a professional teacher. I co-operated with my Dutch friend Arjan Koopmans to help engineer my move to Tanji and it eventually went through successfully.  The reasons of why I decided to come home is as a result of wanting to engineer a massive change in the educational sector, agricultural sector and most importantly to change the livelihood of the inhabitants of Tanji in general.  I started a network on facebook with a lot of friends in Europe and America who started to help me in my small project and since then I’ve achieved a lot in the school and community. Some of the achievements I’ve accomplished are; sponsoring orphan & needy children, brought about 112 chairs for the school, brought in about 25 computers, built a vendors canteen, help paint the school wall and even buying learning materials and providing food for the underprivileged families within the community. Some of the projects that I yearn to undertake are;  1. Build a staff quarters: Since most of our teachers are not natives of this village and thus they travel far distance coming to school on a daily basis, it makes it so hard on them travelling each day and teach effectively. Having a staff quarters build will help tremendously in making teaching and learning more effective as teachers will be sleeping in the quarters rooms and early morning prepare for school.  2. Renovating the classrooms: The classrooms were teaching and learning takes place are very old and they’ve been there since 1981 for the first blocks and 1999 for the current blocks. They are very old and have a lot of cracks on the walls and ground not level and unsafe for easy movement. Thus, I want to renovate them to at least make them look newer.  3. Equipping the computer lab: Earlier this year, I engineered the sponsorship of 25 PC’s and CPU’s from the Netherlands through my friend and mentor Arjan Koopmans who lives in Nieuw-Lekkerland. The computers are already in my school but the room is not well equipped or ready for use by the children and teachers. I want to look for sponsorship to help equip the lab, as having a computer lab in this modern generation will surely help to improve the people’s awareness both nationally and internationally.  4. Helping the needy and less privileged families: Since The Gambia under the developing countries and in Africa, a lot families are very poor and find it very hard to get a daily bread (food) for themselves. I help provide food and clothing for these aforementioned families under my supervision. 6. Reinstate the women’s garden: A lot of women in Tanji are uneducated and so can’t get employed by any organization or office.The only thing they mostly rely on is working in the garden and any harvest they have from it is mostly sold to generate money to help provide food in their various families. And with that being said, we’ve a syndrome in the Gambia that says ” Eat what you grow and grow what you eat”. Access to water to water their beds ( gardens) becomes very hard on the poor hardworking women of Tanji. So it will be of a great privileged to be able to provide taps for them in order to use in watering their beds ( gardens). As the famous Dutch saying goes ” Don’t give me a fish buy me a net and show me how to catch fish” self-sustainability and empowerment.  So these and many other projects I’m currently planning to undertake are what popped into my mind and encouraged me in writing to your noble organization to seek for your humanitarian support in enabling me achieve my goals. It’s not about who’s able to do the most but instead how much you were able to do that changed other people’s life drastically. I will be willing and ready to provide you with any relevant information you may want to know about me.  In the meantime, I’ll advice you to take a look at my facebook page to see the tremendous achievement I have donr in The Gambia. Facebook: Lamin KoopmansEmail: momodoulamim5000@gmail.comWhatsApp: +2203294868 Website: www.lamingambia.com   On that note, I look forward to hearing your positive respond. 

Kind Regards


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