I teach pupils how to be successful in school, build loving relationships, and experience happiness… 🙂

I grew up living with my mother, the last and youngest in the family….

Our father left us when I was only seven….

I wasn’t a confident person as a teenager and as I started growing up I did things that started changing and paving way for me….

I taught myself how to be more confident..

I learned the skills of being happy…

And I started a school facebook and a local school based project that helps to uplift and bring back confidence on the orphan kids and the needy ones….

I exercised and managed my way of thinking….

I mastered my own mind and my own life.. 💪

And now I teach others how to do the same.

So follow my page and follow my journey, and together we’ll help you achieve all you desire in your academic life.

My personal facebook page name is; Lamin Koopmans and my school page is; Tanji Lower Basic School and my website is; both mean the world to me. Remember it’s only with your humanitarian support that I can grow as a person and my project…..

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