Provide a safe drinking water for the needy families, villages and hamlets in Gambia.
As we all know what is essential in ones life and it’s life.
Today in Tanji Bungkiling a family has a well and it will provide clean drinking water for both the family, neighbors, animals and even passerbys. According to the beneficiary in our interview he said ” It took me ages thinking and wondering how I can get such a water source for my family and animals (cattle), and you came to my aid. So what else can I say to you nothing but a big thanks for everything and most importantly to the donors”. he concludes.
Every droplet of water a person or an animal drinks from this locally made well become endless blessings to the sponsor. So are you think of a wiser way to invest your wealth properly, then think of such projects.
Are you interested to help a family, village or school get clean drinking water? Then let me know and I’ll tell you all it’s modalities!
Kind Regards

Lamin Koopmans πŸ’ͺβ€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡²

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