I’m People-Person( Lamin)

I am Lamin Koopmans a Gambian by nationality. I represent the red, white, blue and green colors.
I’m a people-person and I love all my friends all around the globe 🌎
Today I present you my special football jerseys for both clubs and countries of which I’m currently representing. But one country for sure stands out, and it is no other country than Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±.
Meanwhile a list of other elite countries and clubs in Europe have joined my favorite list of which Belgium, Chelsea and Leeds United for England, Bayern Munich for Germany and Real Madrid for Spain. Most importantly for the school where I teach and alma mater is also featured Tanji Lower Basic School and the reason is ( LOVE).
The challenge still continues. If you want me as a friend, brother, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather and the list goes on to represent your country in my gallery, then I need a jersey of your country and I’ll advertise your country in The Gambia ( ambassador). Though I understand most of my friends are not football or soccer fans but this isn’t about football but about love and positivity.
So the challenge continues. Post a picture of you wearing your country’s jersey and national colors. I am a Gambian and here I am…. Who’s next?

I’m a Gambian πŸ‡¬πŸ‡²

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