I know that my reasons for being is my work. I have a curiosity and a concern about people and the world especially the vulnerable and the marginalized ones in the society. It seems that my whole life, the way live, my experience, what I’ve seen of the good and bad side have motivated me to be working with others.
Another thing that inspired me is seeing the dependence that many rural people on some outside form of money, like assistance and a concern that this will not last forever. It’s not so much that I want to help others, but that I want to help provide alternative.
I feel that I’ve some skills to offer and those skills will hopefully lead to people seeing another way an alternative to the way they live now.
Through my work I’ve seen people developing in various communities right now and it’s fantastic. In that reference, makes me feel good and happy for them for their tremendous achievement. Then I think well, now I can also start my journey to help the underprivileged and gives satisfaction and see them taking responsibility of their own lives and destiny. That gives me a proof enough that I’m worth achieving what I want in life.
I want these address;
EMPOWERMENT: Education, Decision, Credit.
EQUALITY: Rights, Change attitude.
ECONOMICS: Land, Resources, Financial Services.

I believe that everybody can do something to help, so be the change!

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