The Excursion Trip 2020 ❤

On this day 8th March is marked as the International Women’s Day.
In that respect, I’ll like seize this opportunity in wishing all good mother’s, the girl child and most importantly the hardworking Gambian women who work tirelessly in making sure they make ends meet in their families.
The Gambian women have tremendously contributed immensely towards the socio-economic development, progression of education, improvement of medical sector, improvement of agricultural sectors and the list goes on.
I wouldn’t do any justice without thanking my role model and grade one teacher Mrs Bintou Jarju, as she’s the reason I’m who I’m today. She taught me when I was seven in Tanji Lower Basic School as a student ( alma mater) and now back as a qualified teacher.
She devoted all her entire life serving the Republic of The Gambia as a seasoned teacher and up till date she’s hard on it nurtiring young and aspiring teachers in the system.
The Gambia as a nation would’ve shaped even better with more of Mrs Bintou Jarju( Former-teacher).
I hope this day will find her in peace and abundance happiness and as for my beautifully sketched Gambia, may peace abundantly continue to reign ❤😍🇬🇲

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