Commonwealth day brings together the Commonwealth’s 54 members to promote understanding on global issues, work towards mutual co-operation and celebrate the diversity, resilient unity and enriching values.
Meanwhile in Tanji Lower Basic School a blissful day accompanied by colourful attires with delicious traditional food.
Every child comes in their traditional ways that is; food, dress, shoes and make-up for girls. Interesting in Tanji LBS it’s not only the pupils putting on very nice attires but instead teachers does in a fashionable way.
After all convergence in the school a convoy of pupils and teachers matched to the village head (Alkalo) to give a speech and the head of village addressing the gathering. A day like today reflects my mind on those days when I was attending Tanji LBS as a student and today as a self-made teacher.
After coming back from the head of village ( Alkalo) the kids are asked to eat their delicious food with so much joy in their faces all for the day.
Every Monday is a special day as it’s a reflection to the blissful weekend.
Below I’ve uploaded pictures of the whole event…..
For The Gambia our Homeland. May God continue to abundantly bless Tanji LBS❤🇬🇲

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