Lamin is back home as a teacher

Hello viewers, I’m Lamin formerly known as Mr Colley in the school. A native of Tanji village, I was schooled in this same institution Tanji Lower Basic School.
I continued on pursuing my dreams to complete my education at ease and therein comeback home to serve my famous community.
In just few years of hard work and burning of the midnight candle, I’ve halfway succeeded in my dreams. Finally, I’m back home as a teacher in the same institution. I’ve the feeling that, we as teachers and parents should help nurture and in upbringing the young ones to be better stakeholders tomorrow.
In that, I’ve to stood firm to help the community of Tanji and the school in general. But the million Dollar question now is, how do I help Tanji ? Is by enlightening the populace about all the happenings within the school premises ranging within the classroom ( lessons), football field, school garden for activities, quiz & debate competition amongst other activities held within the school.
In the same vein, as a good citizen you don’t think of what your country can do for you as a person but instead think of what you can do for your country or community to engineer change.
So, as a noble citizens of this huge village in the name of Tanji, I’m urging each and everyone who has the will and courage to come up see the administration ( Table Talk) and see what you can offer the school in anyway.
We all have to understand that philanthropist does want to help schools and other public places but they’re mostly encouraged and have the enthusiasm to help when yourself have put in an effort. So before we thinking of philanthropist to help, why not start it by ourselves.
I’m here to work and I’m ready to invite anyone who wishes to work alongside me, as I’m just a mere citizen of Tanji and Gambia 🇬🇲
On that note, I welcome you all to this page( Tanji Lower Basic School)…..

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