Access to a good education is vital for all children

Access to a good education is vital for all children. Education provides an essential escape from poverty.And in order to learn, children need a safe, comfortable space.I believe that no child should be forced to study outside, or in a dangerous environment. Children should never have to choose between getting an education and being safe.It has been a milestone journey I’ve undertaken as a young and aspiring teacher in the school. I help to provide learning materials for the needy children such as books, pens, pencils, erasers, shoes, bags, school uniforms, school T-shirt and daily food money while in school. I believe without your tremendous support I wouldn’t have reached this level of great excellence.Donating a penny to support education means donating to shape a better future, and nobody know what tomorrow will really bring.So on that note, I ( Lamin Koopmans) is seeking for your continuous support to in order to put another glitters in these kids smiles!!One pen 🖊 one pencil ✏️ one chalk and one book 📖 can drastically change the entire world ❤️🇬�

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  1. Good move always did it right..Very hardworking and dedicated to your work.We the teachers of tanji appreciate your work because you’re transparent in what you do.
    We love you

    1. It’s well appreciated Ousman. We are together in this brother. It’s really satisfactory for when you’re transparent in whatsoever you do in life. So thanks for your compliments!

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