Who I am

My name is Lamin and I live in Gambia in West Africa. I’m a teacher at in Tanji Lower Basic School, an institution that accommodates a student population of two thousand and fifty pupils.
The reason why I opted to become a teacher eventually was due to the reason that, most people in Gambia felt that being a teacher means planning to fail. Because if you’re a teacher in Gambia you get very little pay every month and that can’t get you all your basic needs or necessities. I personally condemn that notion and think that being a teacher is what can change the pupils and masses mindset to become better future leaders.

One pen, one pencil and one book can change the whole world. 

The reason why I started the help-project for the orphan kids in my school is because, I’m a victim ( orphan) too. I lost my dad when I was seven years old and since then my mother and me have crossed a very hard crusade to reach this level and today I am so proud of her. 

Because of this, I want to help the orphans and especially those who lost both parents and are not in good care.    The disabled class for the kids in my school is a Dutch-project and so they support them in most of their needs. Though, it’s not enough and so I thought it is wise to help them along the way. 

My school-based help-project for the orphan kids has no concrete support system but help from friends from Europe. Sometimes through generosity and compassion I receive help to buy learning materials and other basic necessities. But I’m still seeking for support to help more orphan children in school. 

I want to serve the orphans,  It gives me more hopes and courage,  I get encouraged to keep moving anytime someone helps an orphan child courtesy of my intervention

So with your help I can keep going to reach a certain height. 

I want to be an ambassador in my school and community.

So do you want to help me realize my dreams? 

4 Comments to “Who I am”

  1. I’m very proud on you son. Your beautiful mindset and always willing to help the people who need. To see the talents and possibilities in others even before they see it themselves.
    You are able to influence the lives of others for the best of themselves, their families and even The Gambia.

    1. I’ve to thank you for teaching me and equipping me in becoming who I’m today. I want to help more and more people in school as well as the community, and with more support from my compassionate friends of which you’re inclusive dad, it gives more hopes to keep going. So keep on inspiring me and the enthusiasm will keep growing in me….

    2. Thank you so much my wonderful dad. You’re my true inspiration….

  2. It wasn’t a surprise to see you with this move. Your selfishness towards humanity especially orphans is incredible. May God the Almighty guide you to achieve the desire and objectives of the orphanage. Proud of you always

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